Interesting Facts

They say Cadila Pharmaceuticals’ ‘Polycap’ is a pioneer. Some interesting facts are here

  1. By one week the refereed British medical journal ‘The Lancet’ revealed the TIPS on Cadila Pharmaceuticals’ development.
  2. Within fifteen days of online publication, the TIPS article emerged as one of the five most read articles for month of March in 2009. ( - Home Page)
  3. Polycap is the first global Indian product featuring at ‘The Lancet’
  4. American College of Cardiology (ACC) rated ‘Polycap’ as the ‘Best Invention of the Year’.
  5. Within two days’ of presentation and publication of TIPS at ‘The Lancet’ on March 30, 2009 the study emeregd as the best article at ‘The Lancet’.
  6. Within fifteen days of online publication of TIPS at ‘The Lancet’ the search engine Google displayed 1,96,000 results.


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