About PolycapTM

PolycapTM is a capsule or pill developed by Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd. India. The pill is a combination of Atenolol (50 mg), Hydrochlorothiazide (12·5 mg), Ramipril (5 mg), Simvastatin (20 mg) and Aspirin (100 mg) for primary prevention of cardiovascular events and stroke.

According to Cadila Pharmaceuticals commissioned and sponsored ‘The Indian PolycapTM Study’ PolycapTM brings down the risk of coronary heart disease by 62% and stroke by 48%. PolycapTM can reduce multiple risk factors for cardiovascular diseases such as lowering the blood pressure, the heart rate, the lipids and decreasing the stickiness of the platelets. ‘The polypill - can reduce cardiovascular events by more than 80% in healthy individuals.’ This was the conclusion of the study of the effect of the PolycapTM on blood pressure, lipids, heart rate, and urinary thromboxane B2, and of the assessment of its tolerability. Read More

Reduces Heart Risks

Reduces Heart Risks

Reduces Heart Risks

Controls Blood Pressure

Reduces Heart Risks

Decreases Fatty Substance

Reduces Heart Risks

Increases HDL

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Interesting Facts

They say Cadila Pharmaceuticals’ ‘PolycapTM’ is a pioneer. Some interesting facts are here.

  • By one week the refereed British medical journal ‘The Lancet’ revealed the tips on Cadila Pharmaceuticals’ development.
  • Within fifteen days of online publication, the TIPS article emerged as one of the five most read articles for month of March in 2009.
  • PolycapTM is the first global Indian product featuring in ‘The Lancet’.
  • American College of Cardiology (ACC) rated ‘PolycapTM’ as the ‘Best Invention of the Year’.
  • Within two days’ of presentation and publication of TIPS in ‘The Lancet’ on March 30, 2009 the study emeregd as the best article in ‘The Lancet’.
  • Within fifteen days of online publication of TIPS in ‘The Lancet’ the search engine Google displayed 1,96,000 results.

About Cadila Pharmaceuticals

Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is one of the largest privately held pharmaceutical companies in India, headquartered at Ahmedabad, in the State of Gujarat. Over the last six decades, the company has been developing and manufacturing pharmaceutical products in India and selling and distributing these in over eighty-five other countries around the world.

At Cadila Pharmaceuticals, Research and Development is at the core of all its initiatives, be it Biotechnology, APIs, Formulations, Plant Tissue Culture or Phytochemistry.

More than 300 scientists in its various Research and Development setups reinforce the competitiveness of research in the therapeutic areas which have high unmet medical needs.

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Doctors' Views

Medical and Scientific fraternity speak

Joanne Murphy from The Stroke Association

"By combining these medications in one pill, it will make it easier for people to take their medication. However, it is important that more research and investigation is done into this pill to ensure its safety."

Dr. Ruth McPherson

Director of the Lipid Clinic and Lipid Research Laboratory , University of Ottawa Heart Institute.

"Polypill will reduce the cost of the pills and it will improve compliance. We know that more people are apt taking one pill compared to five or six pills in a day."

Dr. Christopher Cannon,

Cardiologist, Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women's Hospital

“ That was a big surprise. I would have expected five times the number of people to have side effects," because of the possibility the drugs would interact and magnify any problems ”

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

PolycapTM is indicated for Secondary Prevention of CVD as it contains following 5 proven and safe therapies commonly recommended and prescribed for secondary prevention.

- PolycapTM dose is 1-2 capsules once a day for CVD patients for Secondary Prevention.

- PolycapTM dose is 1 capsule once a day for Primary Prevention in patients at risk of CV events and stroke.

- Dose of PolycapTM is once a day preferably morning time.

- HCTZ in the morning

- Netherlands study showed that time does not matter!

- Take any fixed time.

- 1 OD in Primary Prevention

- 2 OD or 1 OD in Secondary Prevention

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